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Sad loss in the Drumming world .

It's a while since I last blogged , but have been prompted by the sad news this last weekend of the passing of my favourite drummer , namely the late great Ginger Baker  . Not really knowing the finer points of drumming  ( as is evidenced on my own "Showcase"  double C.D. " ' Bout time 2"  made more than 5 years ago )  it would appear on some tracks that the drummer would have needed more than one pair of hands and feet , anyway that's another story .

But  I  always liked what Ginger put down on record and "Live"   , especially the fabulous "Cream" stuff  and a bit later the wonderful  " Blind Faith "  with only one  Album  and  limited performances  ( i was lucky to have been at the famous live one in London's Hyde Park back in 1969 )  .  I particularly liked that Ginger was using the "Toms" more than say  Cymbals  and to me as a guitarist it made sense as regards time keeping in songs/ instrumentals  , it was easier than listening out for 16ths or 32nds on the Cymbals  , the "Tom-Tom"  rolls were easy to follow in between verse , choruses  etc  etc  giving the other members of the band perfect cues .

 Yes   Thankyou  Ginger for your valuable contribution to the  BEST  period in music making  , the  late 60's and the 70's  , when bands played  REAL music  unlike the crap we have to suffer these days .

 R.I.P.  Ginger    and  before  this  also  Philo' , Rory  and  Gary  , wonderful musicians them all .    

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