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J.T. 30 Valve amps

The J.T.30 valve amps. began their life back in about 1982 (when still in London) badged under the  "JAYTRONICS" logo . Later in 1988 I was approached by a small retailer in Tralee ( who also repaired Fretted instruments)  to design and manufacture a Valve amp. chassis , which after a lot of liasing and consideration would be rated at 30 watts R.M.S. output , which we thought was a good happy medium suitable for all sorts of venues . The idea was  I'd supply amp. chassis'  and He'd supply the cabinets loaded with speakers  and retail them through his Tralee shop .  It was short lived  ,  he did a disappearing act  after only purchasing 1 (one) amp. chassis .  To recoup a potential loss  , I made cabs for both 1x12" combo's and  heads , and til the present time the 30watt design is still popular employing 4 EL84 valves in the output stage  , with of coarse varying features decided by the customer  .  A point of fact , my own "JAYTRONICS"  badged  1x12" 30watter is utterly reliable with it's original  late 70's Mullards EL84's in the o/p stage (still to this day) , how many present day valve manufacturers can boast that ? .

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A new Hello

A new hello to everyone visiting my website , had to happen , myself being dragged into the 21st centuary technology . For a time I resisted (being of the steam driven age) but sensibility prevailed and here we are and there'll be a lot to say , having remained "Schtum" all these years .  The site may be new , but not the products . The first  "JAYTRONICS" products were built back in 1981 in London . back then , one would attempt designing and building anything and everything that was a part of  musical amplification using Valves , Transistors and I.C.'s  (Integrated Circuits) .    Todays world is much different , cost effectiveness , feasability , viability are ALL important for so called commercial success .  I'll always remember an early incident , when having moved over to Ireland in 1985  , and visiting a local music shop in Tralee , having introduced myself  to the staff  (re- my trade)  and being asked could I build and supply  " Lookalikes "  of a simple 4 ch. mixer-amplifier for LESS than the Japaneese imports trade price  --- I suppose they had to ask !! .     So here we are today 33 years later having gone through designing and building all manner of amplification , P.A. Systems , Disco Systems , Instrument Amps. of all sorts plus Peripheral equipment , et all .  I've chosen to specialise in guitar valve amps.  , which is my first love in the  electronics industry , incidentally I do still make Solid State amps on the rare occasion that necessity requires it . As we know it they tend to be cost effective , there's that lovely word again  . See you soon  . J.T.   

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